The Scoop on Shelter Island Kayak Adventures

Nature and water abound on Shelter Island, so why not combine the two, and experience it by kayak! If serenity, beauty and calm waters are your thing, then Shelter Island provides the best of the best for your kayak adventure. We can’t say enough good things about The Shelter Island Kayak Tour Company; they offer … Read More

How to Get to Shelter Island

Shelter Island is one of the places folks call magical, and the journey to this quaint island is half the fun! It’s a mix of things about Shelter Island that makes it such a special destination; The beautiful beaches and well protected areas, the charming town and Norman Rockwellesque parades. The endless possibilities for outdoor … Read More

Your Ultimate Beach Getaway :: Relaxing Shelter Island B&B

Shelter Island House in Shelter Island, NY

Escapes, Getaways, Retreats – Are you planning a trip? Start with naming your adventure and make it your mantra (my “just because” holiday perhaps)! Amp yourself up and tell your friends and family. Start believing it’s really happening! We at Shelter Island House are firm believers in taking a break and mentally preparing for it. … Read More